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Okaloosa County’s District 3 Commissioner Nathan Boyles’ trash war smells of hypocrisy

August 11, 2021
As a citizen of Okaloosa County, residing in the extreme southwest corner of the county, I conduct most of my life’s activities in Santa Rosa County (SRC) due to proximity. I shop in Navarre &…

Letter: Citizen blames ‘THAT’ commissioner for turning meetings into a circus

August 4, 2021
We all see it and have seen it for well over a year. The Santa Rosa County BOCC 5 ring circus. We see a concerted effort by THAT commissioner and his not so merry band to literally suppress an…

Editorial: Concerned about our county

August 4, 2021
Over the 21-plus years Navarre Press has been covering Santa Rosa County, there have been many challenging times. We have reported on damaging hurricanes, a recession and legal battles that have d…

Letter: County violates employee confidentiality by releasing records

July 30, 2021
Several months ago, I submitted a Letter to the Editor (concerning) the conduct of various officials and members of the public at county meetings.

Letter: BOCC needs to protect residents, not developers

July 27, 2021
Having attended several BOCC meetings and following the news media, I have come to the conclusion the BOCC acts consistently in support of developers.

Letter to editor: Are you stupid?

July 22, 2021
I do not think so, but your federal government believes you are stupid because they think you cannot tell when they are lying to you. Most issues expressed by the government are lies.

Letter to editor: ‘The crowd acted like a mob at a book burning’

July 21, 2021
Any reasonable person who has watched or attended any County Commissioner’s meeting lately has to be appalled. What once was a civil, polite, even gentrified meeting has now turned into a free-for-…

America needs help competing in digital world

July 13, 2021
Even as Democrats and Republicans continue their negotiations, there is one aspect of infrastructure that still continues to enjoy broad support — and it also happens to be the most important…

Know the facts about Navarre incorporation effort

July 8, 2021
Regarding a recent letter to editor on incorporating Navarre as a city, I feel the need for some clarity. It seems some are confused about what this about. 1) Property tax for Navarre municipality …

District celebrates school year successes, plans for future

July 7, 2021
It is with great excitement that Santa Rosa County School District celebrates the successful end of the 2020-2021 school year and begins preparation for the 21-22 year! From the amazing accomp…
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