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Guest Opinion: City manager shares ‘community success story’

Exciting news for Tiger Point Golf Course! The City of Gulf Breeze has approved a purchase and sale agreement with Capstone Golf II LLC for the 18-hole east golf course and with Scott Zepp for the clubhouse and adjacent holes 10 and 18 of the old west golf course.

Following a due diligence period, closing is scheduled for late February.

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Editorial: Eight words that changed the county

Eight words and at least two months of argument that revealed political fissures, real or imagined, between the north and south ends of Santa Rosa County and pitted science against business might have come to an end.

It is anticipated that the county commission will vote 5-0 during a Feb. 25, 2021 meeting to drop a proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan that would have allowed more or new borrow pit mining above a protected drinking water reservoir that serves tens of thousands of people.

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Letter: Civil discourse needed in public meetings

On 2/4/202, I bore witness to the deep-rooted and systemic issues that are a cancer in our county, state and country.

When 220+ signatures of verified voters in Santa Rosa County voicing opposition to a county board of commissioners’ (all documented and available for public verification on BOCC website) empty resolution saying we support their resolution when we do not, ignoring our voices, is plain wrong.

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