Editorial: Were commissioners helping or hurting by easing one person’s code woes?

Representative government or political interference with the law?

Like the Federal government functions on the principal of subdividing its lawmaking (the Congress), law administration (the Executive), and law interpretation (the Judiciary) duties to prevent abuses against citizens, so too must Santa Rosa County.

Letter: Trump faced unfair criticism

In the Feb. 4-10 paper, you had a column by Rich Lowry, “Free speech for me, but not for you.” The column was very good, but Mr. Lowry has a very short memory.

Wendy Victora Rudman Headshot

Wendy Victora Rudman: Silver lining in wearing mask

Wendy Victora Rudman
February 24, 2021

I was raised on a steady diet of platitudes. The early bird gets the worm. Every cloud has a silver lining. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Like so many things I told my children, phrases like these become meaningless – perhaps because they are said so often.

Out and About

Sandi Kemp
February 24, 2021

This will be a big week for those who have been keeping a close eye on Santa Rosa’s battles over water.

Thursday night is when the Santa Rosa County Commissioners are expected to lay their Dec. 10 vote to rest, by voting against that plan to repeal some wellfield protections. It has been contentious and, some would say, complicated.

Brian Lester Headshot

Brian Out Loud

Brian Lester
February 22, 2021

Name that bridge. It just sounds more fun than name that tune doesn’t it?

I think so. I hope you do as well.

Michael Bannon Headshot

For God’s Sake: Never elevate anyone to a status that we believe them incapable of sin.

Michael Bannon
February 24, 2021

Several months ago, I wrote a column about deceased Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias and how I had benefited from his ministry.

Recently in the news I read that the accusations of sexual misconduct and sexual abuse leveled against him in recent years by several women have proven true.

Cherry laurel good indicator of warm weather ahead

Les Harrison
February 24, 2021

As February closes in on March, some are asking the age old question: “Is spring here?”

A few moderately warm days will stimulate interest in the topic for a variety of reasons.

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