Jun 11, 2021

Break out the books, read to your children

I am a local VPK teacher and a director at a childcare facility.

In order to maintain a current director’s credential, we are required to complete a professional writing contribution regarding an important topic in early childhood education.

Jun 9, 2021

Be sure what is being consumed and control amount when it comes to horses

Ask any Santa Rosa County horse owner and they will say their horse has a sweet tooth.

In addition to sugar cubes there are apples, pears and many other fruits with a high sugar content which are attractive to equines everywhere.

Jun 9, 2021

Out and About

The Holley Navarre Water System board is up to seven members again after appointing Jo Ann Cave and Don Linnell to fill two open positions.

We were not informed of the special meeting to elect the two new board members even though we knew they had two openings.

Jun 9, 2021

Incorporation: It’s time for Navarre residents to get on board

The support in Navarre to incorporate and be our own city with our own identity, direction, and priorities is growing fast.

As more residents see the advantages of self-determination and more focused representation of our local needs and concerns, the incorporation move is gaining attention and support.

Jun 9, 2021

More listening, civility needed in public meetings

In recent months, Santa Rosa County has developed a reputation for public meetings marked by outbursts, arguing and, as a result, increased law enforcement presence.

The Santa Rosa County School District responded by strictly enforcing rules of conduct and having deputies remove audience members who defy those rules in any way.

Wendy Victora Rudman Headshot
Jun 9, 2021

We can all do more, be more and move past gender barriers

For the last nine months, I’ve been immersed in the worlds of Navarre and Santa Rosa County.

It’s been fascinating and challenging to understand the smaller community of the area stretched along U.S. Highway 98 and the county, which includes everything from high-rise condominiums to agriculture.

Michael Bannon Headshot
Jun 9, 2021

For God’s Sake: We need a sustained rainy season of civility and commonsense

Recently, I did something that I had purposed I would never do – I engaged a social media post that was obviously intended only to incite.

A friend posted a meme claiming that 56% of conservative Christians reacted in laughable ignorance to a statement that employed a generic word close in spelling to one which was sure to elicit a negative reaction from them.

Brian Lester Headshot
Jun 8, 2021

Brian Out Loud

We’ve got Tim Tebow in the NFL, Tony La Russa unhappy with his own player violating a rule that isn’t even written down and fans at games behaving like the teacher just left the room for five minutes.

Man, sports, get your mind right. Because at the moment, you’ve lost it.

Jun 4, 2021

Slow down on residential streets

Attention all Drivers, I want to let everyone know that the Hickory Shores Blvd. area is devastated by a hit and run accident concerning a neighborhood Yellow Labrador Retriever named Denver.

Jun 2, 2021

Starfish provide important service to overall salty system

With the return of warmer weather and release from pandemic restrictions, many are focusing on outdoor activities where residents and visitors can enjoy the return of activities outside the home.

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