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Friday clothing sales at Good Neighbor Thrift Store

If you come to Good Neighbor Thrift Store on a Friday, you’ll find a weekly Friday sale on clothing. All children’s clothing is $1.50 and adult clothing is $2.50, no matter what it is.

“People will come up to the register with stacks of hangers and we just count the hangers and multiply,” manager Laura Beth Snow said.

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RX Express Pharmacy now offering COVID vaccines

Nicklaus McMellon, PharmD, CPh, started shadowing his father Paul, RPh, when the family business Rx Express Pharmacy opened in 2002. Now 28, he is the full-time pharmacist.

“I love it. I would never do anything else,” Nick said.

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Holley Properties launches new website

Buying or selling a property right now can be overwhelming and you should find an experienced team to help guide your transaction. Holley Properties Real Estate has proven its integrity to buyers and sellers in Navarre and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years and continues to help navigate the challenges that arise.

Holley Properties recently launched their new website to help navigate smoothly through real estate challenges. Some features include a detailed property search complete with photos and house/property details, as well as a list of dedicated agents and how to contact them.

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Keep your home cool with One Hour Air

Summer is coming to a close, but here in the Panhandle the warm temperatures aren’t leaving just yet. Northwest Florida is blessed with outstanding weather and with that comes high temperatures, salt air, and high humidity that affect the performance of your air conditioning system and therefore, your comfort.

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