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CBD clinical studies prove weight loss and sleep improvement

Your CBD Store in Navarre is here to relieve anxiety, pain, inflammation, and many other ailments. Their slogan, “Health without the High,” holds true, and their quality CBD products have been the remedy many people have been searching for.

Your CBD Store is currently giving away a free 5-day sleep kickstart to allow customers to experience the effectiveness of their sleep gummies before they buy a container full of them.

Your CBD Store launched a line of CBD that helps with weight loss called TRIM by SUNMED. This natural approach features THC-V, a compound in hemp known to suppress appetite.

This weight loss aid doesn’t have any stimulants, sugar or caffeine like other weight loss products. It cuts off the receptor that tells the brain you’re hungry.

TRIM uses naturally derived cannabinoids that suppress those pesky cravings. These products are scientifically backed by clinical studies spanning over 13 weeks, where participants lost up to 18 pounds and dropped up to eight points in their BMI (Body Mass Index).

TRIM comes in two forms – a capsule or an oil tincture that you can drop on or under your tongue.
The product consists of turmeric and a cannabinoid called NITRO-V, also known as THC-V. Paired together, TRIM can help cut weight by your brain telling your body that you aren’t hungry.

During the clinical study conducted with TRIM products, weight loss occurred in 100 out of 100 subjects. And the best part was they didn’t even diet or exercise.

Weight loss was not the only finding of this study. The CBD also produced deeper, easier and longer sleep. The people who participated in the study also experienced an 80% reduction of overall pain and 85% reduction of anxiety.

Your CBD Store has hired scientists on staff dedicated to studying the benefits of using CBD and other cannabinoid variations.

CBN and CBG are both cannabinoid derivatives that offer customers relief benefits. CBN is more relaxing and can be used to have better sleep.

CBG, on the other hand, is more uplifting and can be used for increased energy.

Other popular products include Delta-8 and Delta-9, which come in many shapes and sizes at the store, such as oil tincture droppers, vape cartridges, and fruit cocktail-flavored gummies. Some popular vape cartridge flavors include Maui Waui and Blue Dream.

The Delta-9 products cut nausea. It helps with spasms, tremors, restless legs, anxiety, and insomnia.

Super-green gummies and an adaptogenic mushroom blend both help with maintaining overall wellness. The gummies include eight blended greens that help support metabolism and detox with prebiotics and probiotics. The firsthand mushroom blend offers customers a mix of ten different mushrooms that help promote overall wellness and reduce anxiety and pain.

The newest of these recent launches from Your CBD Store is kratom, a tropical evergreen native to southeast Asia. The leaves have been used for pain relief, as a mood enhancer, and can potentially help customers with opioid withdrawals. Your CBD Store offers kratom in different forms, including powder, capsules, and liquid shots.

Your CBD Store also now offers premium kava products. Native to the South Pacific, kava is used for its relaxing effects, acting more as a sedative for stress and anxiety relief.

Your CBD Store offers 20% off every Monday for anyone 55 or older. All military get 15% off.

Free samples are also available at Your CBD Store so people can witness the effects. And on the weekends, you can buy two products and get one free!

The CBD products sold in the store do not require a prescription to purchase, and independent lab reports are available on all products simply by scanning the QR code with your phone.

The lab reports are also available in the store to research the information for yourself.

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Note: Do not drive motorized vehicles or operate heavy machinery while using THC products.

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