Retribution Rob strikes again

At Thursday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting, things got a little tense during a presentation by Whispering Pines resident Heidi Allgood. During her presentation she talked about how the residents there felt they could not reach out to their District 4 Commissioner, so instead they chose to go to the Chairman of the Board, Commissioner Cole. They exchanged emails with Cole, hoping to get answers to their questions regarding the impact the proposed Creet’s Landing development would have on their homes.

Allgood stated they had made a formal request for a flood evaluation study to be done before approving the proposed development. Yet, nothing had been done on that subject since the request was made at Commissioner Williamson’s townhall. Cole was close to moving the request to be considered Thursday when Williamson interrupted him. “Is there any other item from District 4 you would like to add to the agenda Mr. Chairman?” You could hear the bite in his words. He was livid. He just found out that people in his district were reaching around him to Cole – why? Because they couldn’t get a response from Williamson. It’s what people do – when you don’t respond, they go somewhere else or to someone else.

As the meeting went on you could see Williamson trying to hold back his anger. “I am learning that you (Cole) have been communicating with folks in my district on a matter without my knowledge.”

At the end of that agenda item, Chairman Cole called for a break. What happened next, according to someone who will remain anonymous for fear of Retribution Rob, was some of the worst behavior ever by any of our elected officials. According to the witness, Williamson went down the hall to Cole and got “in his face,” pointing his finger as he told him to basically stay out of District 4. He allegedly even took his jacket off and called Cole outside to settle the matter. He also said something to the effect of, “Let’s end two political careers right here.”

When the break was over, Williamson was late getting back to the dais. In fact, they had to wait on him for his agenda item. He was notably sweating. And he couldn’t resist the urge to, in his words, “circle back” to publicly hand it to Cole for speaking with one of his constituents.

Mr. Williamson, there have been plenty of times where District 4 has had to reach out to your counterparts for support because your support, even your mere attention, hinges on whether you like the leader/resident/group – or not. We reached out to Commissioner Cole and asked him to confirm the specifics of the information we had. He would neither confirm nor deny any of it. When asked what Williamson’s comments were to him in the hallway, he said they were the same as they were in the public meeting. When asked if Williamson wanted to take the matter outside to fight it out, Cole said he wouldn’t confirm it, but he also wouldn’t deny it. We know of at least two additional people who saw what happened. But of course, they are in fear also. We emailed Rob Williamson about this incident – and we are constituents as well. We received the same response we have received for the past four years – none. He recently bragged about not talking to us on Facebook – asking essentially – “how could Navarre Press quote me when I’ve never spoken to them?” And then of course he ended it with #fakenews.  Duh – We quote him from county commission meetings, other meetings, his Facebook and more. He talks a lot – and doesn’t listen during his “listening” tours because he is too busy talking. He just won’t answer a direct question. We can say that District Commissioner Rob Williamson doesn’t confirm or deny that he challenged Commissioner Bob Cole to a fist fight at a county commission meeting.

Retribution Rob…sadly, it fits. Does that kind of “representation” represent you?

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