Our children, our future

There are more than 500 children in our county waiting to be adopted.  One in every 18 children in our county is or will be abused.  There are more than 550 homeless children in our school district.  43 percent of all adults are functionally illiterate.  The list could go on.

We as a county are fortunate to have organizations that are tackling these issues.  The people at FamiliesFirst Network are huge advocates for the children in need of an adoptive family, like Kohl on our Faith and Family page.  Kohl probably sounds like a really big commitment, but is there anything greater than providing a child with stability, love, structure and a place to lay his head at night – a place to call home?  Adoption must be considered the greatest gift – for both the child and the parents.

Kids’ House of Santa Rosa County sees the aftermath of child abuse every day.  April is Child Abuse Prevention month.  Residents and businesses in the county can display blue bows to heighten awareness – but is that enough?  Why not pick up the phone and call Kids’ House to see how you can volunteer some time to help them out?

These organizations would never survive without the important work of volunteers.  So, don’t think that these organizations have all they need – they don’t.  It takes the residents of this county to care for the children, the lost ones and the needy.  We can all sit and contemplate the solutions to the problems but until we roll up our sleeves and dig in, the needs of the many will never become the needs of the few.

Children are the future of our county.  One day your son or daughter may very well be the superintendent of the school district, the principal of a school, a leader in county government.  But in order to accomplish that, they must have a roof over their head, lead a balanced life with a loving family, get a good education, not know hunger and lay their head down on a pillow at night to dream about tomorrow.  It is up to all of us to make that happen for our children.  If we don’t do it, who will?

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