October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

A cancer diagnosis at any stage is devastating news. The questions, concerns and even panic that can set in can throw any life off of a sure path. In the case of breast cancer, it can affect the sheer essence of who a woman thinks she is. We have been taught in life that our female body parts are what make us who we are. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Breast cancer survivors will tell you that.

Navarre Press, a company built by a woman with many female team members, wants every woman to know that your essence is not based on your breasts, your long hair or even the high heels you may or may not wear. Your essence is seen above all of those things.

Your strength comes from the very core of who you are. Some are leaders of their communities, or are heads of corporations. They are small business owners, PTO presidents and school bus drivers. And more than that, they are moms, daughters, sisters and wives. They not only play a role in their community, but they are the back bone of their family. And in their battle, they continue to provide for their family like only they can. They nurture and protect their children from the bad “C” word and are strong enough to make it through with a smile. They strengthen their children and families by example and continue to lead them through the emotional process of the disease.

Survivor seems like a weak word to describe those who come out of the battle on top; they did more than just survive. They should be called “warriors” because they fought for their life and won. They fought for the continuity of their family and for everything for which they stand.

Women are warriors. This week’s issue of Navarre Press is wrapped in pink. We are sharing some great advice about early detection and some FAQ’s on breast cancer. The real women warriors are the ones that are proactive about their health. For you, your families, and your friends, make October the month you get the all-important mammogram. Does it hurt? Not as much as the fight to cure you will.

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