Greater, greatest, grow up

Where are the adults in Navarre?  Just in the past few weeks we have seen childish, immature and bad behavior from many different areas.  One of the most senseless acts is Tony Alexander, a disgruntled ex-employee of the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce seeking to open a new “greater” chamber of commerce.  It can only be concluded that he seeks to harm the chamber that has been established for 41 years.

We think he must be using “Greater” to mean “not less than” because geographically speaking, the term “greater” is defined as relating to or being a city or metropolitan area together with its populous suburbs.  So, using Greater Navarre is silly – we are not a city nor are we even close to being metropolitan.  So, in the vein of greater meaning “not less than,” we satirically created the “Greatest Navarre Area Chamber of Commerce” Facebook page.  And it’s really funny, while at the same time shining light on the absurdity of this situation.

The Facebook page for the “Greater Navarre Area Chamber of Commerce” says “Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary.”  Well, Alexander didn’t do anything extraordinary when he led the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.  Why will this one be any different?  And actually, some would say he took the chamber backward instead of forward before he was terminated.  Looks like sour grapes.

The members of a chamber are the very threads of the fabric that make a community whether good, bad or indifferent.  The best changes come from within an organization.  This group of people who have taken to opening a new chamber are the very ones who sit and complain but do nothing to solve problems.  They failed at the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

There is a business rule of thumb that says, if you bring a problem to light, bring a solution with you.  However, in Navarre, the rule is if you do not like the way things are going, just pack up and open your own business, whether it be a newspaper, a retail shop or a chamber of commerce.  It’s the “I’ll show them” rule.  And it usually leads to more failure.

Meanwhile, the chamber has been slapped with a lawsuit that they are not allowed to speak about, leaving them unable to defend themselves to the public.  So we will defend them.  For 41 years, the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has given small businesses a voice in the community, avenues to grow their bottom line through programs like ‘Small, Shop, Crawl’, ‘Cash Mob’, ribbon cuttings, business after hours, ‘Commerce and Coffee’ and so many other programs.  Their committees seek to bring business owners, managers and marketers together to find new and better ways of doing business.  They promote their members daily through emails, Facebook posts and sponsorship opportunities.  They created Fun Fest, Thursday in the Park summer concert series, Business and Health Expo and the Women 2 Women Conference to give the community enjoyable free events with their members in the sponsor spotlights.  They welcome every new business to town and encourage their involvement in the chamber.  They are FOR business, they are FOR people and they are really the backbone of our community.  Navarre Press will continue to support the mission of the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and we will continue to promote it as “the real” chamber.  While they are busy uniting Navarre, the other chamber will be trying to divide us.  It just gives us more resolve to ensure that the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is stronger in spite of their efforts.   And they will be.  We aren’t playing favorites like the others, we are doing what is best for Navarre. Clearly, those who could not rise to the occasion when they actually had the opportunity as leaders should not be grandstanding on the backs of those who have gone before them.

By the way, if you want to join the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, stop by the chamber and speak to Chanda or Judy.  They are awesome.  Or, you can stop by our office and pick up a membership application – we will be handing them out.

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