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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Let Butterfly House fly free

| Staff Reporters
My name is Sally Menk, and I was with Jack Wetherell when he started the Navarre Panhandle Butterfly House in 1997. I volunteered there in Navarre every year until they tore it down!

I am VERY concerned with the way Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful (KSRB) is handling the new Butterfly House! After reading the audit report, I’m worried that they may not be careful with the money and have no plan or budget!

I would like for the Panhandle Butterfly House (PBH) to be separated from KSRB and be allowed to function on its own, since they are now a corporation named Panhandle Butterfly House and Nature Center (PBHNC).

PBH has had NO fundraising or any other help from KSRB for years and has done a fabulous job on their own! PBHNC has a plan and officers ready and willing to move forward

Sally Menk
Gulf Breeze

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