On the school bus

Many parents expressed concern over their school bus riders throughout the week as record heat indexes hit northwest Florida. In Jacksonville Aug. 20 two children were hospitalized for heat exhaustion after, according to the mother, they sat on a bus for an hour without air conditioning. One of the children was released while the other was kept overnight because she was vomiting. The heat index on Wednesday in Jacksonville was 103 degrees.

“Students are encouraged to put the windows down and they are encouraged to bring water on the bus,” said Molly Hart, who manages public relations for Durham School Services, the company that owns and operates the buses in Santa Rosa County.

There are other rules that govern the buses. For example, Santa Rosa County guidance dictates that buses stop in front of each Kindergartner’s home, within 400 feet of a first grade through the fifth grade student’s home and within 1,000 feet of those in sixth through twelfth grade.

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One Response to "On the school bus"

  1. Celia Lysek  August 24, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Considering we live in a very hot state, wouldn’t it be better if Durham actually fixed the AC’s so that we wouldn’t have this problem. Each bus has three AC’s if they are working the bus stays nice and cool, even with the opening of the doors, but when up to all three are out of order, it is miserable, even with the windows open. The windows on these buses are way above the students heads, the hot air coming in them when you’re moving flows around the ceiling, not in the seats. Not to mention all the time you’re stopped at lights and stops when there is no air flow.

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