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Military Beach Sunset

Photo of the Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day Navarre! Today's Photo of the Day was taken by Melissa Johnson last Thursday evening. "I saw this young lady sitting on Navarre Beach in her military fatigues. I couldn’t help but snap a picture as she sat there taking in the fresh air at sunset," Johnson said. "I thank her not just for the picture, but for her service."

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Shore Bird - Lori Moore

Photo of the Day

Happy Sunday Navarre!
When life gets overwhelming, appreciate the little things in life, like this shore bird. Today’s Photo of the Day was submitted by Lori Moore.

Bridge Sunset Tree - Melissa Johnson

Photo of the Day

Get excited because it’s the weekend!
It’s going to be another cold winter day, but the sun will be shining.
Today’s Photo of the Day, taken by Melissa Johnson, captures yesterday’s beautiful sunrise from Navarre Park.


Photo of the Day

Put on a wetsuit if you’ve got one and go catch some waves. The waves are at 1-2 feet today and the water is 66 degrees. The Photo of the Day was taken by Melissa Johnson this past Monday.

Lifeguard USA flag

Photo of the Day

Good morning Navarre! Finally a little bit warmer today with a high of 61. Go enjoy the sunshine. Today’s Photo of the Day was submitted by Scott Hartman.

Cold Beach-Blue Heron

Cold air going to keep rolling in

Florida is supposed to be the Sunshine State. Even during the winter, Florida might have cold days every now and then, but typically it doesn’t stay cold like it has been the past couple of weeks.

Lows in Navarre have consistently been in the 30s and 40s since the beginning of the year and Floridians are starting to wonder why.

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Phase 1 of park renovation to be complete by September

Construction equipment continues to line the eastern perimeter of Navarre Park as progress is made with the first phase of the remodel.

“Navarre Park is being enhanced in multiple phases and we are only funded for Phase 1, which is currently under construction,” said Santa Rosa County Public Information Officer Brandi Bates.

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Palm Tree Sunset

Photo of the Day

Pull over to the west side of Navarre Beach Causeway between the bridge and Juana’s Pagodas to witness beautiful sunsets like these.

Today’s Photo of the Day was taken by Jeremy Dykes.

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