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Fresh soft-shell crab and scallops served at Scooter’s

Scooter’s Fish House serves some of the freshest seafood on the Emerald Coast.

The shrimp and the fish served at Scooter’s are always fresh from the Gulf.

Located on Highway 87 South in Navarre, Scooter’s is ranked second among the top restaurants in Navarre, according to Trip Advisor, and is a must-try for tourists and locals alike.

Customers will find a wide range of tasty menu items, including fresh mullet, snapper, grouper, mahi and flounder.

Triggerfish, amberjack, tuna and smoked tuna dip are also must-try menu items at Scooter’s. Colossal and popcorn shrimp are also on the menu. Try it with Scooters’ brand-new Bang Bang sauce.

Family-owned and operated, the business was started by Sam ‘Scooter’ Taylor, who opened the restaurant with his brother, Stewart, in June 2016. Scooter’s has continued to grow over the years and continues to serve the local community.

The two chalk boards located at the ordering window show the latest items on the menu, including the fish of the day.
Decorative picnic tables brighten the casual dining area and provide that feel-right-at-home feeling. There is even seating on the back deck to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather while you eat your tasty meal.

Every customer will receive fast and friendly customer service from the moment they enter the restaurant until they leave.

Scooter’s Fish House is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Their kid’s menu consists of options such as fried fish, fried shrimp or fried chicken. All kid’s meals come with a side of fries and a hush puppy.

There are plenty of delicious sides as well, including BBQ beans, fries and cheese grits. Wedge salad is also an option. Cucumber salad is back as a seasonal side on the menu.

Calamari is brought in from a shrimp boat and the mullet comes out of East Bay or the Sound, according to Taylor.

And if you want dessert, Scooter’s has that, too. Key lime pie is now a staple on the menu. And the best part is that it’s made in-house.

Scooter’s has big plans for the future, including self-service kiosks offering all basic menu items. Special orders will be taken at the register.

Instead of increasing their menu prices, Scooters is starting a new cash incentive discount. If customers pay with cash, they pay their normal amount. If using a card, customers will pay a 4% surcharge. The restaurant also accepts all forms of payment including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and any mobile wallet or tap pay option.

And Scooter’s tries to give back to the community as much as they can, helping raise money for local causes including schools, the chamber and the senior center.

Anyone looking for a job can fill out an application online at https://navarreseafood. com/job-opportunities- at-scooters/.

Head on over to Scooter’s today to reel in your perfect seafood meal.

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