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Jan 13, 2021

Guest Editorial: The answer to Santa Rosa’s water crisis

Over the past several months, Santa Rosa’s politics have been inflamed by heated debates concerning the county’s water supply.

The arguments largely concern local developers and their practice of digging sand. The practice leaves large holes or “borrow pits” that many experts say are hazardous to our underlying water sources.

Michael Bannon Headshot
Jan 13, 2021

For God’s Sake: Do not live as if this world is your permanent home

Looking around our home, post-Christmas, I noticed something – we have a lot of empty cardboard boxes.

In addition to a nice collection in our garage, we have a fine display of sturdy, reliable boxes in our dining room, a room we rarely use. I know what you are thinking – somebody got a load of presents this Christmas.

Brian Lester Headshot
Jan 12, 2021

Brian Out Loud

Opting out has become a hot topic in a crazy college football season that has been played amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

So hot, in fact, that it has fueled comments on social media that cannot be printed in a newspaper.

Wendy Victora Rudman Headshot
Jan 12, 2021

Wendy Victora Rudman: County does good work with vaccines

In the four months since I’ve been editor of the Navarre Press, Santa Rosa County and I have been courting each other. As a 20-plus year resident of Okaloosa and an occasional visitor to Santa Rosa, we were more like good acquaintances than close friends.

Jan 8, 2021

Letters: Let’s honor true Navarre hero

Regarding effort to rename the Navarre Beach Causeway I would strongly suggest we look no further than a true Navarre hero – Ira Mae Hewitt Bruce.

Jan 7, 2021

Letters: Rethink renaming bridge after Trump

I think that renaming the Navarre Beach Causeway after Donald J. Trump is a HORRIBLE idea!

On Nov. 3, President Trump became one of a small handful of one-term presidents in the last century.  He is one of only three to have ever been impeached. 

Jan 6, 2021

Letters: Trump and Navarre Beach Bridge not a good fit

Navarre Beach enjoys a healthy tourism trade which we have to do our best to protect and nourish. The article states that the reason this petition was even started was because of the work Trump did while in office. Even though the Trump supporters feel he has done a good job, the majority of U.S. […]

Jan 6, 2021

Nature sends signals that winter is here

A walk around the neighborhood or forest will confirm winter is here. Of course there are the recent thermometer readings and the shorter days.

Other signs are the thicker coats on animals which by choice or situation must remain exposed to the elements. Some, like the native reptiles and amphibians, are absent from sight having retreated to a safe location to “sleep” the winter away.

Jan 6, 2021

Out and About

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I feel like I more than made up for being on vacation for two weeks in 2019 over Christmas and New Year’s.

The office renovations have been slower than expected but apparently from what I’m told, that is to be expected.

Brian Lester Headshot
Jan 6, 2021

Brian Out Loud

It began with losing Kobe Bryant. And that one stung. Losing all-time greats at a young age is never an easy pill to swallow.

That should have been enough for 2020. But it wasn’t. The year got reckless and just kept delivering punch after punch.