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Jul 29, 2021

Lost state championship ring found on Navarre beach

A vendor on Navarre Beach found a 1981 Jacksonville (Arkansas) state championship ring last week, and now he’s hoping to get it back to the owner of it.

Ed Duval discovered the ring in the sand near one of the dunes last Monday morning.

Jul 29, 2021

New nonstop flight announced to Orlando

A nonstop flight between Pensacola and Orlando will begin service Nov. 1, 2021. The Frontier Airlines flight will operate three times a week out of the Pensacola International Airport.

Jul 29, 2021

Community leader to take ‘one last drive’ through Navarre

The life of Bill Pullum, Navarre Chamber co-founder, will be celebrated Aug. 1 from 3 to 4 p.m. at the Betty J. Pullum Family YMCA. There will be a short service and reception.

Jul 29, 2021

Citizens fight for right to speak at commission meeting

Four days after giving Santa Rosa County staff guidance on changing the meeting format, the Board of County Commissioners walked it back Tuesday morning.

Jul 28, 2021

Save Our Soundside fights to end clearcutting

With the new Santa Rosa County land development code nearing, Save Our Soundside, an organization dedicated to ensuring quality of life in Santa Rosa, continues to increase awareness against clearcutting.

Jul 28, 2021

Judge rules impact fees to be ‘unconstitutional tax’

In a ruling released July 28, the State of Florida First District Court of Appeal ruled against the appeal by Santa Rosa County and the Santa Rosa County School District, which imposed an impact fee on new home construction intended to fund new schools and help with infrastructure needs. 

The ruling states that “the impact fees are, in fact, an unconstitutional tax.”

Jul 28, 2021

Garcon Point toll rate set to be lowered

Discussion of lowering the toll of the Garcon Point Bridge has been taking place for quite some time and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made it official Wednesday morning that the toll will be lowered in the near future.

Jul 28, 2021

Updated: School district revises COVID guidelines

The Santa Rosa County School District has announced its COVID-19 guidelines for the 2021-22 school year and they include masks being optional in school and on buses.

Jul 27, 2021

Commissioner disrupts meeting, silenced by gavel

A motion to establish a policy on personal electronic device use by board members during public meetings died for lack of a second at a long, contentious Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning.

The motion by Commissioner Colten Wright led to an outburst by Commissioner James Calkins. After refusing to stay on topic – which had been the focus of the first five hours of the meeting – Calkins was silenced by the gavel. Chairman Dave Piech put the meeting in recess until Calkins could control himself.

Jul 26, 2021

Navarre pets fall victim to backyard snake

On a recent July morning, Andrew Thompson let Bitty and Bentley, his two Yorkshire terriers outside, just as he had done for years.

They had both been outside for about 5 minutes before Bentley came bolting back in. This behavior wasn’t out of the ordinary for Bentley, who is still a puppy, Andrew said. What was out of the ordinary was the fact that 12-year-old Bitty had not come back with Bentley. 

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