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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Wishing peace, love and joy to all

| Staff Reporters
As we were driving thru Navarre last week delivering holiday goodies and spreading One Love and wishes for peace and goodwill the way we do, it reared its ugly head driving down U.S. Highway 98 past “that” bbq joint. What we call “

The Tent of Hate” was open for business spreading hate, division, extreme politics and ill will. You know the one, with all the flags and cute hate banners. I did not want to write this letter, as it is the season for Love and Joy and we try hard to keep our thoughts and actions centered in that at least for a short time in December.

WHY? Why do these people hate with so much vigor? WHY won’t they turn down their hate for just a MINUTE, to celebrate a time of Love, Peace and Joy? It made us very sad to see this in our community again. C’mon man. Take a break, just a SHORT break … celebrate Peace. Joy, and One Love.

Allow our community a break from the negative aura spewing from the tables of the tent of hate. Our home wishes ALL in our community a safe and joyous holiday season and wish for One Love to fill the hearts of ALL this year.
Joannie Parks