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TRIM off some weight at Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store launched a new line of CBD last October that helps with weight loss called TRIM by SUNMED. This natural approach features THC-V, a compound in hemp known to suppress appetite.

“The biggest seller is that it doesn’t have any stimulants, sugar or caffeine like other weight loss products” Kellar said. “It cuts off the receptor that tells the brain you’re hungry.”

TRIM uses naturally derived cannabinoids that suppress those pesky cravings. These products are scientifically backed by clinical trials spanning over 13 weeks, where participants lost up to 18 pounds and dropped up to eight points in their BMI (Body Mass Index).

TRIM comes in two forms – a capsule or an oil tincture that you can drop on or under your tongue.
The product consists of turmeric and a cannabinoid called NITRO-V, also known as THC-V. Paired together, TRIM can help cut weight by your brain telling your body that you aren’t hungry.

Another newer product Your CBD Store is carrying is called GG4. It is a vape cartridge that is a hybrid dominate indica.

“It helps level me level out in the day and helps me relax at night before bed,” assistant manager Casey Purvis said.

Both Purvis and manager Hope Kellar have a passion for helping people in their journey to relief. Kellar has a background in health care and the cannabis industry.

“I really want to help the community feel better and become their best self,” Kellar said.

She used to work in long-term acute care, where her patients took numerous pills and “half the time they didn’t even know what they were taking.”

Kellar loves educating people about a more natural way of relief. CBD has helped Kellar personally with her health, she said. She has found relief from inflammation, anxiety/PTSD and migraines.

“This stuff amazes me,” Kellar said, who has been using CBD products for three months now. “And those topical creams, those are a miracle worker. I used it on my neck and before I knew it, my migraine was gone.”

Your CBD Store is pushing the boundaries of how much THC is allowed in its products. The store’s Above and Beyond lines contain higher levels of THC, elevating the relief offered to customers. The Above line is a fuller spectrum product that contains Delta-8.

The Beyond line is the Delta-9 product line that contains the most legal THC possible. Most of Your CBD Store’s THC products lie at around 0.1% THC, where the new Beyond product line carries 0.3% THC.

The Beyond comes two different types – indica or sativa. The sativa is an upper and gives you energy, where the indica actually does the opposite. It makes you tired and sedates you.

In hemp, there are 115 known cannabinoids, or compounds that include the active constitutes of cannabis. They do different things in the body, and they do different things when they team up together.

“People have heard of CBD – that’s the popular one. And people have heard of THC – that’s the one that gets you high,” owner Will Nelson said.

Delta-8 and Delta-9 products come in many shapes and sizes at the store, such as under the tongue sprays, water-soluble oil tincture droppers, vape cartridges and even fruit cocktail flavored gummies.

Some of the most popular vape cartridge flavors include Hawaiian Haze, Golden Pineapple and Blue Dream.

The Delta-9 products cut nausea better than anything else. It helps with spasms, tremors and restless leg, anxiety and insomnia.

The CBD products sold in the store do not require a prescription to purchase, and independent lab reports are available on all products simply by scanning the QR code with your phone. The lab reports are also available in the store to research the information for yourself.

Every Monday, Your CBD Store in Navarre offers 20% off for anyone age 55 or older. Free samples are also offered at Your CBD Store so people can witness the effects firsthand. And starting in November, every Thursday is Customer Appreciation Day, which means sales such as 10% off or Buy One, Get One Free.

Note: Do not drive motorized vehicles or operate heavy machinery while using THC products.

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