The penalties for not supporting Williamson

The penalties are stiff for not supporting our current commissioner Williamson – just ask Jack Sanborn. He found out the hard way. The maestro of manipulation orchestrated a move during the board of county commission meeting Monday to remove longtime Tourist Development Council member Jack Sanborn from the TDC. It wasn’t even on the agenda. His instrumentalists marched up to the podium one by one.

Chairman Bob Cole tried to interrupt the planned attack by saying Sanborn wasn’t present to defend himself against the accusations that were flying, but the mob wouldn’t have it. Voices from the back of the room were demanding they be heard on the issue.

The issue arose out of a comment Sanborn made about a woman (our reporter) not having an opinion on something. And the swarm around it began. Everyone knows it has nothing to do with what Sanborn said. The opportunists saw a chance to take Sanborn down and they inflated the details and joined the #metoo movement. They called his remark sexist and talked about how they too have been made to feel that way by Sanborn. Others claimed to have been attacked on social media.

The real threats come when you donate to Williamson’s opponent’s campaign. The real intimidation comes when he is embarrassed you don’t support him. And here we have the perfect example of that.

Rob Williamson is opportunistically carrying out the removal of Sanborn from the TDC using a lighthearted conversation between our reporter and Sanborn, as a pretext to eliminate someone Williamson sees as a political foe.

The attempt to remove Sanborn from the TDC is arranged by those that oppose Mr. Sanborn including those who don’t side with his views on Milton politics. Sanborn has also challenged Commissioner Rob Williamson on several occasions, most recently regarding the future $7 million expenditure on Navarre Park. While much is being made about a comment Mr. Sanborn made to our reporter in jest, we believe it to be pure politics.

According to the dictionary sexism means a prejudice shown usually against women.

We suppose it is all good when we men talk nicely about us – but don’t dare make a joke about us because we have lost our sense of humor and instead prefer to be offended. As a predominantly woman employed office, we are offended when women are not paid at the same rate as men. We are offended by unwanted sexual advances. We are offended when women do not have the same opportunities as men. And frankly, we are offended that other women would be so loud, obnoxious and bold over something this trivial. Take up a better fight. Have you ever met a woman without an opinion? How about her husband? No because he shares her opinion on whatever the topic is…if he knows what is good for him. Wow! So much sexism there – who is offended?!

We do not believe Sanborn made the remark with malice or in an inappropriate manner. What Sanborn said in jest is child’s play, considering what Commissioner Rob Williamson says in videos he has posted relaying that he is going to “bring sexy back” on his way to a county commission meeting or hoping to get ‘lucky’ on a video posted to his Facebook page with the Santa Rosa County logo as his cover picture. Mr. Sanborn has served us well on the Santa Rosa County Tourism Development Council and has our county’s best interests in mind at all times. We see no legitimate reason for his removal.

A person the caliber of Sanborn with his experience cannot easily be replaced on the TDC. Many people don’t know he was a founding member of VisitFlorida’s board and served 11 years on it. He has spent 20 years doing the work of tourism, promoting our area, being a watchdog for our precious dollars and being an integral part of championing what is right for our county. And as a thank you, the commissioners want to show him the door. Only in Santa Rosa County do people get rewarded for good work with a slap in the face. It’s why good, strong, talented people don’t stay in public service.

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