The disappointed commissioner

In the public venue of social media, our very own Commissioner made the comment that the current pier management group “as expected has been a complete disappointment.” Let’s analyze that for a moment.

Mr. Williamson, are you disappointed that they are making money for the county – 4 percent more than the same period last year? That they invested a lot of money up front in putting the pier into compliance with fire safety standards without asking for reimbursement? That they have hired a staff to be on the pier, interacting with visitors and fishermen to improve everyone’s experience at the pier? Are you disappointed that they have rescued more sea turtles from the pier than at any other time before them? Are you disappointed that they have hired a professional restaurant manager to develop an expanded menu? Or maybe you are disappointed that they are ensuring that county rules are enforced and all documents in place for use of the county volleyball courts – which they have purchased new nets for? Are you disappointed that they are working hard to keep the pier and the restaurant family-friendly? Or are you truly disappointed that they don’t offer frog legs on the menu? Wait – let’s get down to the truth. You are disappointed because they (Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises) didn’t contribute to your campaign like the other bidders did and they still won the contract despite your no vote. You are disappointed that the wife of one of the shareholders of the group personally donated to your opponent – truth is that person donated to your campaign as well. You are disappointed that she did not personally endorse you. But you will hold that grudge. And as many grudges as you are holding your shoulders must be hurting from carrying them all.

Considering the bulk of his campaign contributions are from a neighboring county and consist of developers, we are sure they are expecting the yes vote from the dais. Don’t support him? No traffic light for you – no funding for your event or organization – no vote on that development you want – no support for your business. Rob Williamson is doing his best to make this the pay to play district.

Commissioner, we are the ones who are disappointed to say the least. You should be championing all small businesses in your district. Especially those that make money for the county that pays your salary.

We are disappointed that you have a hard time working with others without intimidation and veiled threats. We are disappointed that you lack the class to lead positively, ethically and for the betterment of Navarre.

You, sir, are the greatest disappointment, as expected.


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