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The Bindu Institute to host Self-Care Fair May 20 at Pik-itz

What do you define as self-care? Is it a day at the spa? Is it practicing your favorite hobby? Is it reading a book? Could it be all of these? Believe it or not, self-care goes beyond physical and mental health.

The Bindu Institute, a mental health counseling private practice, is excited to announce its inaugural self-care fair for Navarre.

This free event, being held May 20 from 3 to 6 p.m. at Pik-itz! Art & Antiques in Navarre, is open to the public and will feature vendors and businesses interested in promoting lifestyle balance and mental health. There will also be door prizes and free swag. Join in on a day of relaxation and learn what self-care is really all about.

Event coordinator Dr. Lisha Wallace, a life coach and leadership consultant, is enthusiastic about The Bindu Institute’s mission to promote self-care and mental health.

“We believe that self-care is crucial for maintaining balance and achieving wellness,” she said. “We look forward to bringing the community together for a day of learning about self-care and wellness.”

Bindu will be offering free self-care assessments at the fair May 20, where you can find out more about the self-care areas you excel in, highlight the areas that need improvement, and ultimately provide the balance you need to live a more productive and fulfilling life.

The Bindu Institute, whose name derives from the Sanskrit word meaning (center)point, specializes in counseling, coaching and consulting, all focused on mental health.

“We have three licensed mental health counselors, three registered mental health counseling interns, and an art therapist,” Wallace said. “Coaching and consulting adds to the counseling aspect by helping people break down barriers to achieve their goals and advises businesses on how to create a happy, mentally healthy environment for their employees. When people feel more fulfilled in their professional life, the impact can have exponential effects on their personal life and the community.”

They also have Community Support Specialists for wounded veterans throughout several regions of the United States to include Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Bindu’s mission is to create a safe, compassionate, and caring climate where their professionals act as a guide in helping their clients identify solutions to problems, make empowered decisions, achieve goals, improve quality of life, and most importantly, create a balanced life.

“I love people. Even more, I love when people understand each other better. I think that helps them relate better and approach each other in a kind manner, and that causes a ripple effect,” Wallace said. “I’ve seen it happen.”

The Bindu Institute accepts the following insurance for their counseling services: Aetna, TRICARE, Cigna, United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“The goal of the Self-Care Fair is to help people understand that self-care is more than just the mental side or the physical side. There’s a lot more that goes into self-care,” Wallace said.

There are eight categories of self-care people should focus on. Those are physical, emotional, social, spiritual, space as in your home, work, personal and financial.

“When all of those are aligned, your bucket is pretty full to the brim, so then you have the energy to go out and maybe help your community because those things that would impact your health and yourself are aligned,” she said.

At the fair, there will be a table set up for each self-care category as well as tables with demonstrations set up to help identify stress and deal with it in a healthy way.

Wallace said she has heard great feedback and believes our community really needs this event.

“Just like your physical health, you need to take care of it before it turns into an illness, your mental health also has aspects that you can take care of. When you have constant anxiety, worry, and stress, that just spirals and spirals, and you become depressed or you get anxiety disorder,” Wallace said.

Wallace doesn’t discount anyone who is born with a mental illness.

“Just like people are born with physical illnesses, people can be born with a mental illness,” she said. “But some people are born healthy, but then life situations strain them and that’s where I would like to intervene and help.”

The Bindu Institute
1913 Highway 87, Navarre, FL 32566
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