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Target your audience with Sandpaper Marketing

Did you know that 97% of Americans now own a cellphone, and 85% of those people own a smartphone? With a vast majority of our population looking at screens every day, it is important to know how to effectively market to those eyes. That’s where Sandpaper Marketing can help you find customers.

By increasing your website speed and designing your website with mobile-first in mind, your search engine optimization and ranking will improve drastically. Sandpaper Marketing can create a new website or give yours an Extreme Makeover-Online Edition, improving loading speed, website design, online content, security, analytics and overall performance.

Identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ wants and needs can be challenging in an ever-changing world, but you can count on Sandpaper Marketing to make sure your business is leading with effective messaging delivered across a wide spectrum of platforms.

They specialize in creating great-looking, effective websites that get found, stand out and get your company business. Their web design team will work with you to create the perfect website solution to reach the right audience and turn them into paying, happy customers.

Web analytics provide rich insights into your website’s marketing effectiveness to drive a continual growth plan. Let the team of analytics specialists at Sandpaper Marketing help you optimize your website usability and maximize your marketing return on investment.

Sandpaper Marketing can target your ideal prospects by showing ads on their mobile device, tablet, desktop or television. What makes targeted advertising so special is that it is all about targeting your relevant audience. The team uses a powerful tool called geo-fencing to put ads in front of prospects who are visiting your competitors, sitting at the ballfield or driving through a fast-food restaurant. Your ad will then show up on the potential customer’s running apps, such as Facebook or YouTube.

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool and can be the reason someone discovers your business. Sandpaper Marketing specializes making sure your business has the most compelling online presence possible.

Engage your prospects, grow your database, generate leads and increase your followers with Sandpaper Marketing promotions and interactive content. From sweepstakes, quizzes, photo contests and ballots, we can create an online promotion to custom fit your business.

The team at Sandpaper Marketing can study a business, survey the competition and tailor a campaign which will deliver results. Some plans are as simple as social media management while other clients trust their entire business plan to Sandpaper Marketing.

“We believe marketing is essential to the long-term success of every business,” said owner, Sandi Kemp. “Good marketing powers your business as much as the electric company does. Operating without either is nearly impossible.”

Whether your needs are small or large, the team at Sandpaper Marketing is available to help you make your marketing vision a reality. Business cards, postcards, direct mail, branded promotional items or a full-fledged marketing plan – call the experts at Sandpaper Marketing. The service is personalized down to the last detail.

“Achieving growth for your business is what Sandpaper Marketing is all about,” Kemp said.
Offering graphic design, website development, search engine optimization and branding services for any business, Sandpaper Marketing works with each client to ensure the greatest success.

Sandpaper Marketing has worked with multiple businesses in the community including Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Community Life Church, Lighthouse Private Christian Academy, The British Pedlar, Rollins Distillery and many more.

Check out their online portfolio projects at

Call Sandpaper Marketing today at 850-939-1900 to find out how they can make a difference in your bottom line.

Sandpaper Marketing
7502 Harvest Village Court
Navarre, Florida

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