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Children need parks, and parks need children

When my children were small, we spent most of our free time taking them to parks. If you want to know about all the small hidden parks that were in the area 15 years ago and probably still are today, hit me up.

We even found the ones that offered little or no parking because they were intended mostly for kids in the homes around the park, whose parents could walk them over.

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Try to make the world better one Facebook post or comment at a time

When I started covering Navarre in the summer of 2020, I spent a lot of time on Concerned Citizens of Navarre’s Facebook page.

You can learn a lot about a community from pages like this. They help reunite lost pets, share stories of small kindnesses, give much appreciated updates about what’s going on in the community, as reported by individuals living there.

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Finding acceptance in having your soul exposed

I’m not always the sharpest technological pencil in the pack, so it took me a while to catch on to the fact that the ads appearing on my Facebook newsfeed were not just randomly things I liked. Like a long while. Years, in fact.

I just thought of it as one of the little miracles of life that the ads that I saw were often for things I actually sought or had thought of buying.

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Every day, every minute, is a gift

On Tuesday, the day this column was due, I erased everything I had written and started all over.

My original premise was to write about the homeless, since I always think of them when it’s hot or cold or a time of year when the rest of us are celebrating and they are trudging from campsite to campsite.

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