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Grassroots watershed protection group formed

March 20, 2021
The encounter between a water supply protection activist and the Santa Rosa Commission was cordial, but there was posturing for events that might reemerge such as expanding borrow pit mining in the…

CDC changes school guidance, allowing desks to be closer

March 19, 2021
Students can safely sit just 3 feet apart in the classroom as long as they wear masks but should be kept the usual 6 feet away from one another at sporting events, assemblies, lunch or chorus pract…

Dogs on beach still off table

March 19, 2021
On sunny days on the fitness trail along Gulf Boulevard at Navarre Beach you will find many people strolling with and without their pets. The path that runs along the road is one of the places…

Milton community opposes subdivision

March 18, 2021
A proposal to allow a new single-family residential subdivision in Milton by Celebrity Home Builders, LLC was met with opposition by community members at the Santa Rosa County Board Zoning Board Ma…

Navarre Beach Fishing Pier needs infrastructure to power potty

March 18, 2021
The Navarre Beach Fishing Pier’s new potty is about to get new electrical wiring running the length of the pier to make sure it’s properly lighted and air-conditioned.

Toddler transferred to burn center, authorities investigating incident

March 17, 2021
An 18-month-old child has been transferred to a Mobile area hospital for a burn injury and authorities have taken over custody. Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office deputies received a complaint Wednesday …

Six months after Sally, beach still missing sand

March 17, 2021
Six months after Hurricane Sally inundated Navarre with heavy rainfall, storm surge and Category 2 winds, much – but not all – has been restored to normalcy.

Can you help find the couple that saved this man’s life?

March 17, 2021
Six weeks after saving a Michigan man’s life in a Milton parking lot, the mystery couple who gave him CPR has not come forward.

Solutions on table for Navarre Beach traffic woes

March 17, 2021
With Spring Break upon us and the summer season right around the corner, officials are trying to find short- and long-term fixes to the traffic problems connected to Navarre Beach tourism.

Calkins wants to expand commission role in code enforcement

March 16, 2021
District 3 Commissioner James Calkins continued his strident advocacy for constituents fined $123 for mulch pile maintenance and trash and debris violations more than 15 months ago, though the issu…