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Tiger shark caught and released off Navarre Beach

After fishermen hooked a 12-foot, 6-inch tiger shark Wednesday, photos shot of the event lit up the internet.

The fishermen, reportedly associated with True Blue – a self-described community of shark fishermen based in Milton – walked the fishing line down the pier and pulled the animal into shallow water, where they measured, tagged and released it, according to spectators.

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Generic borrow pit

County delays borrow pit vote

Santa Rosa County commissioners will not vote Feb. 25 on whether to repeal key wellfield protections as anticipated. Instead, county staff will bring the matter to the board at the Feb. 9 work session to ask for further direction.

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Militia Card

Militia card: everything to some, piece of paper to others

It means everything or nothing, depending on who you ask.

The Santa Rosa County website includes a copy of a card that individuals can print out and sign that identifies them as members of the Santa Rosa County Militia. The bearer, according to the card, is an “official member of the SRC Militia” and “thereby entitled to all rights and benefits accorded.”

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