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Commissioners repeal well protections

December 11, 2020
Santa Rosa County Commissioners voted Dec. 10 to repeal a key protection for the wells that supply water to the south end of Santa Rosa County, allowing pits to expand and resource extraction to oc…

Movement underway to rename Navarre bridge after Trump

December 10, 2020
In honor of departing President Donald J. Trump, Republicans of Santa Rosa County are petitioning county commissioners to rename the Navarre Beach bridge after him.

Without public notice, county splits with attorney

December 10, 2020
County Attorney Roy Andrews sat quietly at the dais just a few feet from Santa Rosa County’s commissioners as they publicly discussed whether or not to fire him.

Rumors or real? Here are the facts about the bay bridge reconstruction

December 10, 2020
As State Rep. Alex Andrade addressed constituents, both in person at the Gulf Breeze Community Center and streaming online, during the Pensacola Bay Bridge Town Hall Dec. 2, he spent a most of the …

COVID-19 vaccine delayed for Santa Rosa

December 10, 2020
Roughly 40 million COVID-19 vaccines will be rolled out this month, but Santa Rosa County in not likely to see any of them, according to Santa Rosa Department of Health administrator Sandra Park-O’…

County comprehensive plan to get more comprehensive

December 10, 2020
Looking at Santa Rosa County’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan can be misleading. Under capital improvements, the plan only lists 32 improvements for the past five years. Almost all were paid for by s…

Local family lays wreaths for military fallen

December 10, 2020
Each December, volunteers bundle up against the cold and walk the silent rows of the nation’s military cemeteries, carrying armfuls of bright green Christmas wreaths.

Solar storm may cause cell phone, radio disruption

December 10, 2020
Local officials warn that 2020 might bring one more challenge — a solar storm that occurred on Dec. 7 and is predicted to potentially affect the area beginning late Wednesday, Dec. 9. Effects of …

County expected to approve third waste hauling option

December 9, 2020
Following Santa Rosa County Commissioners ending the monopoly last month on waste hauling in north county, another hauler plans to file for a permit.

Gone too soon

December 9, 2020
Navarre freshman’s death shocked family, friends Daniel Sinnett gave a hug and kiss to his mom before she left for work on the morning of Sept. 22. That wasn’t out of the ordinary.