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Possums don’t have nine lives, but they are resourceful

The seasonally cooler weather has had a silencing effect on the nighttime chorus of insects, amphibians and most other animals. The frogs and cicadas are taking shelter in anticipation of the warmer months to come.

Common among the native nocturnal animals is the opossum (Didelphis virginiana). This resourceful scavenger is found in forested areas, fields and pastures, and even places with a high density of humans.

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Persistence and observation will lead to success with a wildflower plot

People who collect items do so for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the purpose is an unlimited curiosity about the subject which is collected. Stamp and coin collectors often fall into this category.

The autumn season in Santa Rosa County brings out another variety of collector which has practical and utilitarian objectives for their collecting activity. Seed collectors are actively acquiring mature seeds for one of two diametrically opposed reasons.

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Corn snakeroot and rattlesnake weed will never hide in tall weeds

Sometimes residents and visitors are concerned about a surprise encounter with one of the 45 species of native snakes. In the cooler weather these coldblooded reptiles are unable to avoid the chance meeting which usually ends badly, at least for the snake.

In reality, it is far more likely to find a weed given a name based on one of its features which mimic a snake. One of these is corn snakeroot, a native wildflower currently blooming in Santa Rosa County.

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Maples will soon emerge from obscurity to display burst of colors

The change of seasons from summer to autumn brings out new colors in the countryside and residential areas.

The transformation of tones depends on both the region of the country and the species putting on the show.
In regions further north, many of the deciduous trees add to the polychromatic exhibition, complementing the late season native flowers.

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