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For God’s Sake: Back in the role of “minister of music”

October 18, 2022
During the first ten years of full-time ministry, I was best known in the congregation I served as “the minister of music.” It was not my main responsibility, but it was certainly the most pub…

For God’s Sake: Find a healthy church

July 19, 2022
During a much-needed sabbatical several years back, I had an opportunity afforded few, if any, pastors in the community in which they serve – I visited a different local church each week hoping to …

For God’s Sake: Trust in Christ today

June 13, 2022
It’s summertime and those pests are back. No, I don’t mean the tourists, and shame on you for thinking about our valued guests that way! I’m talking about the bugs, the mosquitos and all their…

For God’s Sake: God like music score for our new life in Christ

June 7, 2022
I have been a musician since being introduced to the guitar at age 11. I studied music in high school, advanced in music theory, then pursued a music education degree at a university.

For God’s Sake: Those who know Christ call him my God, my Lord and my Savior.

April 18, 2022
“We locals call it ‘our Basket Full of Diamonds,’” said the guide as our tour boat glided past the lighthouse in Jupiter, FL in the diminishing light of evening. My wife and I, both locals, ga…

For God’s Sake: We must keep the “yard” that is our heart clean

March 30, 2022
My wife and I woke this morning to a backyard surprise, a 2-foot hole in our back fence and a 3-foot hole in our side fence. It seems that one of our local black bears decided that going throu…

For God’s Sake: Listen for the saving message in Christmas songs

December 21, 2021
Have you ever made a gaffe in public that was embarrassing, like, dig-a-hole-and-climb-in-it embarrassing? One particularly memorable gaffe that had me longing for a shovel happened at another…

For God’s Sake: God is holding out the gift — take it

December 15, 2021
I am like a kid when it comes to Christmas. On our first Christmas together, I excitedly asked my wife the night before, “When do you want to open gifts?” She answered, “Tomorrow morning is fin…

For God’s Sake: Every day is a day for giving thanks

November 23, 2021
As a Canadian – or as the Bible refers to me, “the alien in your midst” – I still think of the second Monday in October as Thanksgiving Day. In many U.S. states, that day is Columbus Day, and in o…

For God’s Sake: We will never be sinless this side of heaven, but we can sin less

November 17, 2021
A group of men from Compass Church and I have begun meeting weekly to study the book “Disciplines of a Godly Man” by R. Kent Hughes. This excellent book is founded on the command in the Bible …