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For God’s Sake: Butter tarts and the Bible have something in common

August 2, 2022
In my life, butter tarts and the Bible have something in common. What is a butter tart? A butter tart is a buttery, sugary, distinctly Canadian dessert, like a pecan pie, only better. What doe…

For God’s Sake: Preach the truth

July 26, 2022
Some three decades ago, when I entered full-time Christian ministry, it occurred to me that I was entering a field that, at its foundation, is unchanging. It was comforting to know that the Go…

For God’s Sake: Find a healthy church

July 20, 2022
During a much-needed sabbatical several years back, I had an opportunity afforded few, if any, pastors in the community in which they serve – I visited a different local church each week hoping to …

For God’s Sake: Starting a church like establishing a new community

July 12, 2022
One of the benefits for a pastor in starting a new church is implementing ministry essentials that pastors often only get to dream about. You are largely starting with a blank slate with none …

For God’s Sake: Only in Christ can true reconciliation be achieved

July 5, 2022
My wife and I just watched Places in the Heart, a movie we had both seen when it was first released in 1984. I would not describe our viewing experience as “enjoyable” for the movie deals with…

For God’s Sake: Faith in Jesus will save you

June 28, 2022
It is HOT outside! As I am writing this it is 94 degrees Fahrenheit, or “foreign-heat,” as a beloved Canadian comedian once coined. Canada is on the metric system, so my family would be compla…

For God’s Sake: Trust in what God has provided for redemption

June 21, 2022
Recently, I found myself in an uncomfortable situation; I was in the men’s section of a local department store buying pants. In my mind, I am still that young man whose leg length is greater t…

For God’s Sake: Disciple-making creates a win-win situation

May 31, 2022
“It’s a win-win arrangement,” Jack’s mother said enthusiastically to a friend. A party to their conversation, I nodded my head in agreement and added, “It sure is!”

For God’s Sake: Flag a reminder of sacrifice made for you

May 24, 2022
The giant flag on the Camping World site on Hwy. 98 is magnificent. I see it several times each day on my way to Gulf Breeze, twice in the morning and twice later in the afternoon, and I have …

For God’s Sake: , The wise man builds on the rock

May 17, 2022
I love button-down shirts, I always have. Fashion trends are ever changing, one minute, shirts have wide lapels with enough wing area to provide some lift, the next they are sporting the band …
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