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Rewritten land development code leaves out clearcutting measures

August 20, 2021
After hundreds of man-hours put into rewriting the Santa Rosa Land Development Code, the Board of County Commissioners voted to approve the code as written, which does not include one key aspect th…

Here’s what we can expect from Tropical Storm Fred

August 15, 2021
Tropical Storm Fred’s track has nudged to the east overnight, which means landfall is likely between Panama City and Walton County. That track, if it holds true throughout Monday, reduces impacts i…

Sea turtle nest disturbed by beachgoers overnight

August 12, 2021
An active sea turtle nest near 37B on Navarre Beach was disturbed by human activity overnight, causing concern among local wildlife experts.

Tropical Storm Claudette forms, brings drenching rains

June 19, 2021
Tropical Storm Claudette formed overnight bringing drenching rains to Northwest Florida. Some flooding is expected. Stay home and stay safe until she blows through.

Brace for wind and rain as nameless storm nears coast

June 18, 2021
As Potential Tropical Cyclone Three nears the Gulf Coast, the chances of it becoming a named tropical storm diminish. According to local officials, the weather mass has the wind speed consistent w…

Daughter needs help burying WW II veteran dad

June 14, 2021
Until a few days before he died, Ruben Patterson was living with his daughter in her Holley By The Sea home. The veteran of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam war was not Shannon Hens…

It’s turtle time year-round on Navarre Beach Fishing Pier

June 13, 2021
When guests step out onto the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, they probably don’t realize how much work goes into keeping it safe and family friendly. And that safety extends to the welfare of the…

Always something to see, do on Navarre Beach Fishing Pier

May 30, 2021
Nearly an hour before the sun rose on the Friday morning of a busy Memorial Day weekend, Tanner Haynes was on the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier hoping to catch something. But as the hours passed sinc…

Navarre Beach magic: Building castles in the sand

May 14, 2021
Remember carefree days spent on the local beaches building sandcastles with paper cups and buckets? You can still spend days on the beaches building sandcastles and turning them into amazing s…

Kayak fishing festival approved with larger payouts, possibility of $50,000 prize

May 13, 2021
Last year’s inaugural GOAT Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament was such a success that the organizer wants to make it an annual event. The GOAT Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament is officially bac…