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Brace for wind and rain as nameless storm nears coast

As Potential Tropical Cyclone Three nears the Gulf Coast, the chances of it becoming a named tropical storm diminish. According to local officials, the weather mass has the wind speed consistent with a tropical storm, but still lacks a defined center.

It will still have powerful local impacts though, primarily in terms of heavy rainfall, flash flooding and strong local wind gusts. The Gulf of Mexico remains closed to beachgoers with high surf and rip currents. Tattered double red flags flew Friday, as surfers ventured out to ride the waves.

The worst of the weather is expected overnight from Friday into Saturday.

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Daughter needs help burying WW II veteran dad

Until a few days before he died, Ruben Patterson was living with his daughter in her Holley By The Sea home.

The veteran of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam war was not Shannon Henson’s biological father. But he was the only dad she’d ever known, having taken her in relatively late in his life. She was his late wife’s granddaughter, though they both adopted her as a child.

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