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Christmas in the Park

Christmas on parade ‘bright spot’ for Navarre

It has been a year of many lost traditions, but the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce held on to a few Saturday as Santa Claus stopped by for his annual visit.

The festive fun kicked off along Presido Street with the 26th annual Navarre Community Christmas Parade. Costumed characters, dancers and riders tossing toys, candy and beads accented this year’s floats. Children and adults in festive wear lined the sides of the streets, spaced out in family groups, to wish the paraders a merry Christmas and snag a few freebies.

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Mother, daughter graduate together

Mother, daughter graduate together

Some high school graduates move far away from their moms to go to college. They are excited to finally have independence and find their place in this world without mom watching their every move.

That was not the case for 22-year-old Navarre native Aubrey Hedlund. She went through the Pensacola State College registered nursing (RN) program alongside her mother, Holly Bartlett. Both of them will be graduating next month from the accelerated RN program.

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Club membership dwindles to 2

Ron Fetter can name many of his former Navarre Beach Optimist Club members, but it makes him sad. He trails off midway, lost in time.

“We were Optimists,” he said. “We had really spirited meetings. Too many good memories come back.”

Now, he and his wife, Donna, are the only members in the once thriving club. He’s the president. She’s the secretary and treasurer.

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