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Tag: Education

Students celebrate literacy with costumes and potatoes

Literacy Week was Jan. 24 to Jan. 28 in Santa Rosa County and the entire state of Florida, where students celebrated reading.

Oriole Beach Elementary (OBE) School hosted events like “Reading Under the Stars,” a 2nd grade Vocabulary Parade and more. The school library also encouraged students from all grades to participate in creating a Storybook Spud, a potato decorated to match the theme of a student’s favorite book.

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Special needs PE teacher honored, gives credit to his team

Adaptive Physical Education (PE) teacher Zachary (Zach) Butler is Santa Rosa School District’s Teacher of the Year. Butler teaches PE to Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students in the south-end schools, is loved by many and has a heart for special needs students.

As soon as he was announced by Superintendent Karen Barber in the Oriole Beach Elementary School library Friday morning, he gave credit to his team that helps him every day.

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New school leaders appointed in south end of county

Santa Rosa County School District has a few new leaders, ready to serve the students, the staff and the community.

“This is the most important job that I believe I as a superintendent have is to identify, recruit and retain great leaders for our school district,” Barber said. “And these leaders are going to help our employees, our teacher, our students to be successful, and so it just brings great pleasure to me.”

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