Safety pins?

What began with the Brexit in the UK last June has spilled over to America in the wake of the nation electing Donald Trump as president.  People are wearing safety pins to make a silent statement that the groups of people who feel threatened by the supposed hate and fear mongering of Trump and his supporters can feel “safe” around people wearing the pins.

Trump did not threaten any groups nor does he promote fear mongering.  It is quite the other way around.  Most media companies are in the tank for Hillary Clinton and they spread the falsities of threats and fear in order to influence the outcome of the election. This gives journalism a bad name. In addition, it has been revealed, thanks to Project Veritas, that the Clinton campaign surreptitiously paid people to cause trouble and promote violence at Trump rallies so it could then be blamed on Trump. It didn’t work.  People – take off your safety pins.  It is ridiculous.

How about putting your actions where your pin is, quit pouting and put your good intentions to work elsewhere?  Volunteer in one of the hundreds of organizations that desperately need your help.  Choose a woman’s shelter to help or a children’s charity. Adopt a child. Fundraise for your local PTO, feed the homeless, find an organization collecting Christmas gifts for needy children, donate to or bag food for Caring and Sharing or donate or participate in the new Weekend Food Program for food-challenged students in Navarre. Help the Kiwanis Club of Big Lagoon raise money to decorate the graves at Barrancas National Cemetery and seek folks to help place wreaths. The free health care clinic coming to Milton High School Dec. 3 and 4 desperately needs volunteers – lots of them.  Or maybe that is all too hard – it’s just easier to whine, play the victim and wear a pin. As long as we don’t have to get up and actually do something.

Think about the message you are sending with the safety pin. We’re seeing it replicated proliferously on college campuses – the juveniles who need their “safe spaces.”

They even canceled exams at certain campuses because the students were so traumatized: Cornell, University of Michigan, University of Connecticut, Columbia, Loyola and Byrn Mawr to name a few. Helicopter parents who listened to the psychologists touting “everyone gets a ribbon”  along with a sense of entitlement created this festering plethora of an enabled generation where mommy and daddy could and would “fix” everything.

Let’s address real trauma: On Sept. 1 Chicago hit 500 homicides for 2016, with almost all being black-on-black crime, or ISIS taunting followers to murder voters on Election Day right here in the United States, or the additional threat of crime against us now that hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal aliens have been released in the U.S., according to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. And a safety pin will not keep you safe from any of these real threats.

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