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Put your closet on a diet with Closets by Design

Slim down your sweatshirt pile. Trim your T-shirt collection. Whittle down that Zoom wardrobe. Now that 2023 is here, it’s time to put your closet on a diet as you exercise your ability to organize!

Everyone knows the top new year resolution is to get fit and lose weight. However, another and much more achievable reduction resolution involves ousting the extra weight in your wardrobe.

That’s right. If you can’t possibly part with carbs, try tossing a cardigan!

It’s no surprise that we strive to reset our goals and organization at the beginning of each new year. The pros at Closets by Design are helping local homeowners in need of organizational overhauls in their homes.

Overstuffed stats
There are lots of statistics to support the need for better organized spaces.

  • We only wear 25% of the clothes in our closets. The rest of our clothes just hang in our closets.
  • We spend a year of our lives looking for lost or misplaced stuff, according to the National Association of Professional Organizers.
  • 80% of the clutter in our homes is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.
  • Getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in the average home, according to the National Soap and Detergent Association.
  • 84% of Americans stress that their home isn’t organized enough.

Cleansing your closet can be an overwhelming process by yourself, but with the help of Closets by Design, you will be sure to feel refreshed and set up for an organized home life.
Sam and Jimmy Floyd are Pensacola residents who own and operate Closets by Design of the Emerald Coast. Both have a passion to serve their community and help others organize their lives.

Waking up to an organized space and knowing where things are establishes a sense of serenity to start your day. The team at Closets by Design of the Emerald Coast can create an attractive storage space for any area of your home that needs organizing. And the best part? It’s designed to fit your budget, too.

The talented design team works with each client to transform their space into a functional work of art that will leave them feeling balanced and ready to start a new day without breaking the bank.

Closets by Design of the Emerald Coast serves homes from Mobile County in Alabama all the way over to Bay County including Mexico Beach. 

“Organization makes your life so much more peaceful and time-effective,” Sam said.

Closets are not their only specialty, though. Closets by Design services any area of the house that needs tidying. The Floyds and their efficient crew design pantries, laundry rooms, garages, at-home offices and walk-in closets to name a few. Closets by Design even offers Murphy beds that fold into your wall to allow for more floor space.

“Our team is passionate about not only the beautiful designs that we create, but the precision of manufacturing and the final installation to meet our client’s needs and create a beautiful space,” Samantha said.

To begin you journey to a more organized and peaceful home, schedule a free in-home consultation today by calling Closets by Design at 850-669-6972.

Closets by Design
27 Mason Lane, Unit B,
Pensacola, Florida

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