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Organize your quarantine office space with Closets by Design

Living in a time full of chaos and change, an organized home can create a sense of calm. Waking up to an organized space and knowing where things are establishes a sense of serenity to start your day.

The team at Closets by Design Emerald Coast can create an attractive storage space for any area of your home that needs organizing. And the best part? It’s designed to fit your budget, too.

Closets by Design, located at 27 Mason Lane, Unit B in Pensacola, finds out what each client wants and works with them on-site to make their goals a reality at an affordable cost.

Owners Jimmy and Samantha Floyd opened Closets by Design to provide organization for homes from Mobile County in Alabama all the way over to Bay County near Panama City.

“Organization makes your life so much more peaceful and time-effective,” Samantha said.

They don’t just specialize in closets either. Closets by Design services any area of the house that needs tidying. The Floyds and their efficient crew design pantries, laundry rooms, garages and walk-in closets to name a few. Closets by Design even offers Murphy beds that fold into your wall to allow for more floor space.

Recently with the pandemic, the demand for office organizing systems has exponentially increased.

“A lot of our clients who have been quarantined have been working from home now,” Samantha said. “We have found with the increased distance learning for students, we’ve been asked to do more and more office spaces and classroom spaces within the home.”

Working from home seems to be a transition that a lot of corporations are making, and they are embracing it long term, Samantha said.

Having a set apart, tidy at-home office space is needed in these times.

“You’ve got to create that space where you have that privacy,” she said. “And then you want to leave that space and go into your living room and be like, “Oh, I’m home.’”

Closets by Design can provide organization for you anywhere in the home.

“We can assist with any need you have if you would allow us to bring a designer in. It’s a free consultation,” Samantha said. “It doesn’t cost you anything to get an idea, our designers’ ideas, and learn our pricing so you can make a comprehensive decision.”

While inside the client’s home, the team maintains CDC guidelines, not only with the design consultation, but with the installation process as well.

The Closets by Design franchise has been in business since 1982. With their history and expertise, they understand not only the customer’s needs but also the materials required to do the job. They place a priority on using the highest-grade materials to produce the best product possible for their customers.

“We feel like that sets us apart,” Samantha said. “Our team is passionate about not only the beautiful designs that we create, but the precision of manufacturing and the final installation to meet our clients’ needs and create a beautiful space.”

To begin the process, schedule a free in-home consultation today by calling Closets by Design at 850-669-6972.