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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

New apartment complex bad idea for Navarre

| Staff Reporters
I just wanted to spout off about the new apts. going in by Publix.

As a resident of Navarre for over 35 years, it’s hard to accept that one of the last large tracts of land are going to be used for this. There has never been anything to do in Navarre but the beach.

No bookstore, music store, decent size park, theatre, etc. The traffic from this will be unreal at the intersection. They should name this place Destin West for the gridlock traffic that’s coming. It’s just really sad. And they should have kept enough property buy the high school to just add on to it during summer breaks. Another school right on Highway 98 with caution lights to slow the flow down to nothing, come on.

They should look at Florosa and that grid lock that’s been going on for years. Are they going to turn the high school into a primary school with a football stadium? The people that vote this stuff in sure don’t live in Navarre. They are up in Milton and just see the dollars they will pocket from down here. Overall, it’s just politics and pretty sad.

Yurii Andreievich Broughton

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