UPDATE: County agrees to work with pier operators to cure default

BREAKING: The Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners stood firm today on requiring that Coastal Concessions pay the roughly $54,000 it owes in overdue admission fees by Friday, Dec. 11. Coastal’s co-owner, Scott Rayner, told the Navarre Press he’s uncertain if he can meet that deadline to cure the company’s default with the county.
Commissioners said they need assurance that Coastal can meet its obligations soon in order to find a new operator by spring break if necessary.



Pier operators, Coastal Concessions, were praised by commissioners on the upkeep of the pier. However, commissioners want Coastal Concessions to pay the Sept. and Oct.  gate fees by Dec. 11 before amendments to their contract are discussed further. If the past due gate fees are paid, they will receive an extension on other fees due until January 6.  The nearly $180,000 spent by Coastal Concessions to bring the pier back to working order when they took procession in Jan. 2014 will also be discussed at a future meeting. Also to be discussed is the fact that pier management company pays back to the county 100% of the gate and also pays 100% of the expenses to include the toilet paper, trash bags and dumpsters for the pier to operate as a fishing pier. After asking for the utility bills, Coastal Concessions received a $28,908 utility bill last week – for eighteen months of utilities without a breakdown.  Another item of note: The Department of Environmental Protection issued the permit for the pier with the specification that every dollar of admission would stay on the pier to maintain and operate the pier.


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