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Jesus Christ obituary

| Staff Reporters
Jesus Christ, 33, of Nazareth, died Friday on Mount Calvary, also known as Golgotha, the place of the skull. Betrayed by the apostle Judas, Jesus was crucified by the Romans by order of the governor Pontius Pilate. The causes of death were crucifixion, extreme exhaustion, loss of blood, and a broken heart.

Jesus Christ, a descendant of Abraham, was a member of the house of David. He was the son of the late Joseph, a carpenter of Nazareth, and Mary, His devoted Mother. Jesus was born in a stable in the city of Bethlehem, Judea. He was survived by his mother Mary, His faithful apostles, numerous disciples, and many other followers.

Jesus was self-educated, worked as a carpenter but in his later years he was an itinerant Rabbi on the road teaching. Jesus also occasionally worked as a Medical Doctor pro bono with great success healing many patients. Up until the time of His death, Jesus was teaching and sharing the Good News, healing the sick, ministering to the lonely, feeding the hungry, and helping those in need.

Jesus was most noted for telling parables about His Father’s Kingdom and performing miracles, such as feeding over 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish and healing a man who was born blind. On the day before His death, He held a Last Supper celebrating the Passover Feast, at which He foretold His death.

The body was quickly buried in a stone grave, which was donated by Joseph of Arimathea, a loyal friend of the family. By order of Pontius Pilate, a boulder was rolled in front of the tomb and Roman soldiers were put on guard. In lieu of flowers, Jesus requested those who were his followers to love and serve one another. Some may give donations to His kingdom work, but your heart is what He most desires.

Coastline Calvary Chapel Navarre would like to invite those of you who do not have a place to worship to come and celebrate the passing of the King this Friday, April 2nd 6 & 7:30pm and please consider joining us on Easter Sunday at Gulf Pointe Latin School 9 & 11am to hear the rest of the story. Have a blessed Easter! He is risen indeed!

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