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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

It’s time to bring more infrastructure to Navarre

| Staff Reporters

Last summer our Preserve Navarre nonprofit launched an online survey at The goal of this survey was to determine if Navarre residents desire to become their own city with home rule.

To date the results have given us a resounding yes. Our latest reports continue to show 66% of the respondents (3,141) support the idea.

The responses also inform us that local residents want infrastructure investments as their top priority for a city. They are simply not seeing enough in Navarre to keep up with all the growth. They would rather see smart, responsible investment that preserves our culture, gives us amenities to enjoy, and protects us from natural disasters.

Had the level of support been lower, Preserve Navarre would not be pursuing incorporation of Navarre. It was your voice and support that led us to form a political action committee and bring this issue to the county commissioners and our state representatives.

Those politicians have not responded well.

In fact, some can’t even seem to get their side of the process straight. They argue about ever-changing petition requirements, multiple votes and “personal requirements” of super- majorities.

They talk about some other tiny “second group” that seems to have had no public meetings all year or citizen engagement of any kind.

Some make personal attacks on our members and harass them every time we defend ourselves. It still shocks me that our politicians are comfortable making up rules outside of the state constitution.

“We make the rules” and “it’s our right as politicians” is not the voice of constitutionalists. It’s not what people want from their representatives.

These politicians and their unconstitutional processes won’t stop our group or the will of the people. At a certain point they have set their arbitrary requirements so high it’s just easier to kick them out of office! We know that with constitutionalists in office they would stick to the law as written and give us a fair process, which is all that we ask.

That’s why we are moving forward.

We are taking the next step and offering a new survey at It’s entirely focused on your #1 priority.

We know that you as residents want more services such as stormwater mitigation, more parks, road resurfacing, traffic easement, and more support for local businesses. This survey will help prioritize those investments so the city knows which to tackle first.

This will help guide our group, its feasibility study and charter, and the new city. We want the city of Navarre to be citizen-led and follow your priorities and your will.

And our group will be here for years to come to ensure that purpose.

Because that is what Navarre actually deserves.

Wes Siler
Director of Preserve Navarre

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