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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Irresponsible leadership again raises its ugly head

| Staff Reporters

A little over three years ago, my wife and I made the decision to sell our home in Missouri and move to Navarre.

The area was not really a mystery to us, as my sister and brother-in-law had lived here before moving just down the road to Shalimar.

We found a great house to rent and are now in the process of purchasing said home.
Following the history of my family, I was closely involved in my former community. This included serving 8 total years in local municipal government. While I miss that challenge, I was hoping to maybe take a break from being involved in local political activities. However, recent events in the area have called for me being active again.

During the past few months, I have been serving as an advisor for the Preserve Navarre not-for-profit group. While the group does promote incorporation for the Navarre area, it wants local government to be both responsive AND responsible to its potential residents. Sadly, the conduct of some elected officials recently has been anything but responsible.

The dysfunctional issues that have been parcel and part of Santa Rosa County Government are already well documented. I did, in fact, write a previous Letter to the Editor regarding those very occurrences and how they should be avoided. However last Tuesday Night the 26th, irresponsible leadership again raised its ugly head.

At that gathering of the NWF Legislative Delegation Meeting in Milton, Wes Siler, Chairman of Preserve Navarre, addressed the officials. During that presentation, he asked State Representative Jayer Williamson how or where he determined that a 60% favorable vote was needed for incorporation. The representative was terse in stating that it was HIS personal choice. He stated further that he would not recommend any legislation without a 60% super majority.

I can only characterize Rep. Williamson’s response as both dismissive and condescending. In all my years as an elected public official, I made certain to NEVER talk down to nor marginalize ANY citizen’s comment, question or concern. Rep. Williamson’s conduct and attitude with regard to Mr. Siler’s question helped remind me why I got involved in local politics in the first place.

Our country was established on a set of basic principles. One of the most important concepts is “One Man=One Vote.” Expecting a super majority vote is not only unreasonable, but only the opinion of Rep. Williamson. It has neither legal basis nor legislative standing. Just another example of a politician putting themselves and their opinions ahead of the voters.

Mike Clynch