How low can you go Commissioner?

The Rob Williamson campaign mailer, or “hit piece,” that arrived in voters’ mailboxes over the weekend was one for the record books. We thought the low point of his campaign was running on his addictions. But, to our surprise, he reached a new low – just flat out lying.

We remind our readers we have been covering Rob Williamson since his initial campaign in 2013. This is not new for us. And whether there was an opponent for him or not, we would be printing the same things. This isn’t about his opponent, this is about Williamson and whether he is fit to serve as county commissioner.

Let’s take the mailer piece by piece:

Lie #1: “Just like Trump, businessman Rob Williamson runs government like a business.” To begin with, Williamson doesn’t run the government. He is one of a body of five commissioners who come together to vote and make decisions collectively as a board. If he were to “run the government” we would need more than prayers. Williamson declared bankruptcy to the tune of nearly a million dollars. His properties were foreclosed on. His employees had to sue him because he failed to pay them – a lot of money. He fails at taking care of his employees. As of the last report in June, he still owes them $20,000. He failed to pay his taxes – he declared a $20,666 debt to the IRS for 2010 income taxes when he filed bankruptcy. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #2: “He gets attacked by fake news and Never Trump Republicans.” It is so easy to call something fake news. We keep asking time and again – where is the fake news you speak of? We never get an answer. He uses #npfakenews when he really means #ihatethetruth because that is what we print – the truth.  We have no idea who the NeverTrump Republicans are. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #3: Bold Conservative. The truth is, conservatives would never irresponsibly throw $7 million into a park as a monument to themselves. Conservatives would not pawn their addictions and supposed recovery for votes.

Lie #4: Responsible Growth: Williamson is for any and all growth. The developers have lined his coffers with money for the privilege of his vote when they need it. Williamson also unilaterally had the fee-simple title bill language changed to exclude the land preservation clause. He is for developing all available beach property. It happened on a trip to Washington, D.C. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #5: “Dave Piech just moved down here from Chicago.” Piech hasn’t lived in Chicago since 1985. He moved here from Cannon, New Mexico, to accept his new assignment at Hurlburt Field. He retired out of Hurlburt. Chicago was 33 years ago. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #6: “He wasn’t here a year before he was talked into running as a Republican.” Piech moved here in 2013 when he was transferred to Hurlburt. His original paperwork with the Supervisor of Elections is dated Nov. 3, 2017. Again, Williamson’s time reference is wrong. Four years does not equal one year. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #7: “Dave Piech has oppenly (sic) campaigned on needing more regulation in Santa Rosa County.” Reviewing the debate and forum videos have been very helpful on this one. Piech speaks about enforcing the existing regulations we have now – because no one is. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #8: “Refused to vote Trump.” How do you know that? The citation on the statement is the Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections, but again that is a lie. Tappie Villane, our Supervisor of Elections says that we are guaranteed a secret ballot. No one knows who anyone voted for or against. From Piech’s social media posts we glean that he is a Trump supporter and a supporter does not vote against their candidate. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #9: Piech is for “Chicago values.” Piech, according to his resume, served more than 27 years as an officer and engineer in the Air Force and retired as a Colonel in Air Force Special Operations Command. This does not represent the “Chicago values” spoken of in the mailer. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #10: “Can’t be trusted.” The United States Air Force does extensive background checks and interviews with friends, family and neighbors to grant the Top Secret clearance. The military’s process also includes extensive financial background checks for security clearances. Piech’s was all clean. Another lie by Williamson.

Lie #11: “Don’t let Chicago Dave con his way into Santa Rosa County.” Referring to Piech as Chicago Dave is really the con. In fact, the whole postcard is a con. One big lie by Williamson.

Truth matters. Williamson has publicly voted for development – it is a record we can see. He has not shown fiscal responsibility. He would rather sink $7 million into a county park that already exists than improve and repair the youth athletic fields. He retaliated against the past president of Holley by the Sea, Yvonne Harper, by taking away the funding they needed for stormwater improvements. He retaliated against the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Center by halting their funding and chastising them openly in a meeting for something they didn’t do. His nickname is now Retribution Rob. He is the one who can’t be trusted. He bullies, intimidates and promises what he can’t deliver if you promise him your vote. Don’t fall for the con that is Rob Williamson. It seems he has been conning his whole adult life – why would he stop now?

“The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to such a pass that he cannot distinguish the truth within him.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky. Describes Williamson perfectly.

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