Water company leader resigns

Executive Director of Holley-Navarre Water Systems, Billy Sublett has resigned his position with the member-owned company saying in part in an email to Navarre Press, “My work here is completed.”

The position of executive director was created after longtime general manager Ken Walker retired.  Walker’s duties were split between the executive director and general manager.  The utility’s board of directors hired Sublett in March 2014 to take on the new position of executive director and promoted a 30-year employee, Paul Gardner to the general manager position.

In an email to Navarre Press, Sublett said, “I have resigned from the Holley-Navarre Water System, Inc. We fought hard to provide direction by defining the need for re-use water disposal. We brought forward the method of financing the upgrades by making rate changes, although unpopular, necessary to pay for the system’s future.  We also ensured that our growth could be measured by controlling our future debts.  The current Five Year Capital Improvement Plan will be used as a map to a fully compliant and healthy water system for all who are serviced by it. My work here is completed.”

Board president Bien May responded via email that the Board of Directors and Holley-Navarre Water System have accepted Sublett’s resignation effective July 1, 2016. “We appreciate Mr. Sublett’s time, efforts and accomplishments while working with our company,” May relayed. “We wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

The Board of Directors is not planning to fill the open position at this time.

In the interim, General Manager Paul Gardner will oversee all operations within HNWS. Phil Phillips will head the engineering group and Jim Morgan will be the general manager overseeing all operations within The Club at Hidden Creek with all three of these managers reporting directly to the Board of Directors according to May.

Sublett’s tenure with the utility was not without controversy when he purchased a new insurance package for the employees of the company, effectively doubling the company’s health savings account payments for employees and their family members.  Shortly after the purchase the water company raised its rates to customers by 17.5 percent.

More recently the utility has come under fire for seeking to build two Rapid Infiltration Basin Systems (RIBS) on land in the Williams Creek area, which is prone to flooding.

Read the full article in the July 7 issue of Navarre Press. Click HERE to subscribe to your community newspaper.

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