Skimming devices found on local ATMs

03-12-skimRecently, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office received information related to two separate incidents of ATM skimming devices – one in Milton and one in Gulf Breeze.

An ATM skimmer device can be fabricated to look like part of the actual machine, according to the sheriff’s office. Officials say a banker’s “first line of defense” is to know the local ATM machine.

Be familiar with the machine you use
Take an overall look at the machine
Be observant of any changes to the machine
Watch out for damaged or loose parts

Skimmers are designed to capture the card’s pin number, and officials recommend covering your fingers as you enter your pin number. Some skimmers have a builtin camera to capture your pin or even a duplicate number pad placed over the original.

If you ever suspect a machine has such a device, do not use the machine and contact the bank as soon as possible. Skimming devices can be placed on any device that can capture a credit card such as an ATM or a Redbox.

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