Sheriff’s office: Stabbing suspect identified, not arrested

Nearly three weeks have passed since the deadly stabbing of young Navarre teen Daniel Jebadiah Bubanas, 19.

His family has laid him to rest. His friends have written tributes including a song. The holidays came and went.

Yet in the loss of Bubanas, no arrests have been made and questions remain unanswered.

The incident that would lead to Bubanas’ death occurred during a night of partying at a popular hangout off Bergren Road in Midway, Dec. 16, around 10:45 p.m.

The Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple 911 calls describing a stabbing in a wooded area near River Birch Road.

The police report on the incident has mostly been redacted with roughly 13 of 31 pages being completely or almost completely blacked out.

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One Response to "Sheriff’s office: Stabbing suspect identified, not arrested"

  1. Stacey Sade  January 4, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    They certainly didn’t waste any time arresting me for charges that are competely fabricated, supported by no evidence. Folks MUST be starting to realze that we are living in the Twilight Zone and everything is backwards, right? You know, likw the violent offenders and child molsters are the ones that are given free pass, while innocent citizens are kidnapped, falsely imprisoned and tortured. For the heinous crime of failing to wear a seatbelt, a routine traffic stop, (A477COE) In my neighborhood… Perhaps if the 5 officers and K9 that detained me for over an hour in order to violate my every right as a human being with a clean background, would contribute an hour to the search for this identified murder suspect theycould demonstrate upholing their oath.???

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