Man allegedly beats, handcuffs 90 year old

Elder abuse, false imprisonment and possession of a firearm by a felon are just a few charges facing a  man who allegedly beat a 90-year-old man of Navarre while trying to rob him then handcuffed him.

Dennis Shibler, 37, faces multiple felony charges from the incident after he drove himself to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Navarre substation.

According to the Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Shibler drove to the Navarre substation with the victim in his vehicle. Upon arrival he brought the victim inside and told them that the victim had pointed a loaded firearm at him. He said he wanted “something done with him.”

Officers observed that the victim appeared to have a black eye, and they asked for further information. The victim has a walker, and deputies had to assist him in filling out a written statement.

The victim told deputies that Shibler beat him up earlier this week because he could not get the safe inside the victim’s home open quickly enough. The victim said Shibler wanted money. He said Shibler punched his eye and punched and kicked him in the ribs and back.

He said Shibler also shot a gun at his feet in anger.

He said following the incident Shibler placed the victim in handcuffs to bring him to the substation.

The victim was evaluated by EMS and transported to the hospital.

Shibler remained outside. He tried to leave, but deputies told him to stay.

While officers were attempting to speak with Shibler he was pacing outside the substation. The report says he said things like “they tried to kill me” and “I’m not gonna let them do it again.” Shibler kept putting his hand behind his back despite officers instructing him to keep his hands visible.

He was asked by officers to consent to a pat down. A deputy started the pat down, but Shibler attempted to walk away. An officer grabbed Shibler’s jacket sleeve at which time he pulled out of his jacket. The officer took Shibler to the ground where he continued to resist, and he was detained in handcuffs.

EMS was called at Shibler’s request for pre-exisiting back pain. EMS medically cleared him, and the officers continued to ask Shibler questions.

After being read his Miranda Rights, Shibler told officers that the victim had pointed a gun at him and fired several shots into the floor of the house. He said that the victim wanted to kill him.

Shibler alleged that when the victim attempted to reload the weapon he disarmed him. He also told officers he was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the incident but remembered about “90 percent of it.”

Shibler also told officers about handcuffs in his vehicle.

Shibler consented to a search of his car. The victims home was also searched where deputies found a portion of carpet that had been pulled up and divots in the floor in front of the gun safe.

Shibler is charged with third degree felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, third degree felony battery domestic violence of a victim older than 65, third degree felony false imprisonment of an adult, second degree felony possession of a firearm by a felon, third degree felony elder abuse and first degree misdemeanor resisting an officer without violence.

Any relationship between the victim and Shibler is not releasable to the public.

Shibler remains in Santa Rosa County Jail with no bond.

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