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Half off Christmas sale at Good Neighbor Thrift Store

Christmas decorations, outfits, unique gifts and stocking stuffers can really add up and empty your wallet during the holiday season. Looking to save some money this Christmas? Come shop at Good Neighbor Thrift Store. The thrift store is having a huge Christmas sale every day the store is open through Dec. 21.

Everything Christmas will start at 50% off. Come stock up on half-priced Christmas decorations, festive outfits and artificial trees and ornaments.

And the best part? Proceeds of the store go back into ministry and helping the people of Navarre.

Good Neighbor Thrift Store, We Care Ministries and the Lindy Bush Food Pantry are all ministries of the Navarre United Methodist Church.

The thrift store helps to fund multiple missions such as Navigators, Gideons International, feeding Navarre school children through the Weekend Food Program, Walk on Water Prison Ministry, Bright Bridge Ministries, Set Free Refuge, Navarre Senior Center, Wreaths Around America, Reboot, among many other missions.

Adele Ruiz volunteers every Tuesday with We Care Ministries, which is in the back part of the Good Neighbor Thrift Store building. She has been volunteering for a year now.

“Here in the We Care Ministries office, the ministry through the United Methodist Church, we offer financial assistance to needy folks in Navarre and we also give out food from the food pantry,” Ruiz said.
Ruiz works with the families one-on-one and asks about their financial needs during some of their most challenging moments in their lives.


“They’re just so appreciative. I mean we’re usually helping not get (the power) turned off or a water connection cut off and it just saves the day for their family and their kids,” Ruiz said. “So, if we can provide assistance to help somebody not lose their power or water connection, it makes all the world to them.”

We Care Ministries can help Navarre families one time a year and up to three times in their lifetime. The ministry is designed to help families in crisis situations. However, the Lindy Bush Food Pantry is always able to give out food to anyone in Navarre in need.

“We don’t want anyone to go hungry,” Adele said.

Good Neighbor will close Dec. 22 for the holidays and plans to reopen Jan. 2. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for details on hours and upcoming sales.

Manager Laura Beth Snow is very thankful for the numerous volunteers that dedicate their time to helping the mission of Good Neighbor Thrift Store.

“Most volunteers have a sort of niche, an area they love working in,” Snow said.

Arlene Dolphin volunteers in the linen department and even with a broken arm enjoys volunteering and sorting linens.

“I love it so much; I can’t stay away,” she said. “There’s something about this place. It’s the people.”

Ann Simone was a customer for some time and now volunteers in the seasonal department and sorts all the holiday décor. She told herself she would volunteer four hours per week when she started. Now she comes in a couple hours every day because she loves being there.

“I enjoy it and look forward to coming daily,” Simone said. “I have turned it into my therapy sessions.”

If you come to Good Neighbor Thrift Store on a Friday, you’ll find a weekly Friday sale on clothing. All children’s clothing is $1.50 and adult clothing is $2.50, no matter what it is.

“Every day that the store is opened, I have something half-priced or a buy-one get-one-free special,” Snow said.

Good Neighbor constantly has sales going on. The type of sale depends on the availability of volunteers, inventory and what they have a lot of each week.

The greeter will tell you the Good Neighbor Deal of the Day when you walk-in the doors.

On top of the frequent sales, Good Neighbor offers 10% off to all military servicemen and woman.
Anytime the thrift store is open, volunteers are accepting donations on the side door of the building. Good Neighbor has a finite amount of space, so furniture is accepted as space allows.

Good Neighbor Thrift Store
9025 Navarre Parkway
Store/Donation Hours – Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: 850-939-1005

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