Why is your mom the best mom?

Holley Navarre Primary School students in Melanie Buys’ first grade class were asked “Why is your mom the best mom?”

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“She always cuddles with me. She always loves on me, and I love on her.”
Brooklyn Bentley, 7

“She takes me to fun places like the mall.”
Azaliah Delacruiz, 6

“She makes good dinners. My favorite thing she makes is mac and cheese.”
Hannah Golly, 7

“She makes the best food. She takes good care of me when I don’t feel good. She’s really nice. I love her so much.”
Jude Goodman, 7












“She buys me toys on my birthday. She bought me a football pig with a bunny ear headband and a lot of stuffed animals. I love her.”
Waylon Clewis, 6

“I would like to make her a Mother’s Day card, because she’s the best mother in the world.”
Harper Easley, 6

“She helps me with my homework. My mom is really smart.”
Hope Camden, 6

“She’s really nice and cooks me dinner. She gives me good hugs.”
Lucas Smith, 7












“She loves me, and she hugs me.”
Keira Milligan, 6

“I make her gifts, because she likes them. She is great because, she makes good food.”
Kylie Beal, 6

“She helps me with things, and she puts my favorite movie on, ‘Transformers.’ She also helps me hook up my Xbox.”
Shyloh Ducati, 6












“I have two moms. One mom bakes very good. My other mom gets me toys. I love them.”
Boston Cromer, 6

“She buys me stuff. She lets me go to my friend’s house.”
Holden Dearien, 7













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