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Closets by Design shares home organization tips

Out with the old and in with the new. If you don’t use it, lose it. These are some helpful phrases to keep in mind when cleaning out a closet in your home. Organization is vital to human life. And the professionals at Closets by Design are here to help and share their expertise in this department. Sam and Jimmy Floyd are Pensacola residents who own and operate Closets by Design of the Emerald Coast. Both have a passion to serve their community and help others organize their lives.

Why is it important to clean your closet out?
“We tend to forget that we have certain items in our closet and will purchase the same thing again. I know I have done this. It is important to clear out the items you do not wear and donate them to your favorite charity,” Sam said.
TIP: Try flipping your hangers on the rod and once you wear something, hang it back correctly. At the end of six months, it is easy to see how many hangers are still flipped backwards. Those are items you do not wear. Clearing out old clothes and color coordinating the clothes you wear (splurge and buy some new hangers) will most certainly create harmony and balance and is the best way to start your day.

How often should you clean out your closet, pantry and laundry room?
Sam would recommend cleaning out your closet at least once a year if not every six months. The pantry should be more frequent, every three months, and be sure to check dates and rotate inventory.
“The laundry room tends to be an area that attracts a lot of clutter, so I like to keep that on a monthly clean out making sure those stinky socks are not lost between the washer and the dryer,” she said.
Try to maintain your hard work of organizing each week when putting away items in the pantry or hanging your clothes and it will become a lifestyle. The experts say if you do something repetitively for 18 days, it becomes a habit.

How can Closets by Design help?
Cleansing your closet can be an overwhelming process by yourself, but with the help of Closets by Design, you will be sure to feel refreshed and set up for an organized home life.
Waking up to an organized space and knowing where things are establishes a sense of serenity to start your day. The team at Closets by Design of the Emerald Coast works with each client to transform their space into a functional and beautiful work of art that will leave them feeling balanced and ready to start a new day. And the best part? It’s designed to fit your budget, too.
Clients are thrilled after they see their finished “Closet by Design.”
“We love to see and hear about their entire experience, from design to installation,” Sam said.
The result is an organizing system that is designed to bring them many years of functional happiness.
“Clients call our office after installs and tell us how much they love their new space and how much they appreciate the designer and the installer. We love that. We know our clients have choices when it comes to organizing systems and we hope we have provided not only a beautiful, functional space for them, but we have created a great experience for the client throughout the process,” she said. “That is a very important part of our business.”

To begin your journey to a more organized and peaceful home, schedule a free in-home consultation today by calling Closets by Design at 850-669-6972.

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