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Author: Wendy Victora Rudman

Commissioner disrupts meeting, silenced by gavel

A motion to establish a policy on personal electronic device use by board members during public meetings died for lack of a second at a long, contentious Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning.

The motion by Commissioner Colten Wright led to an outburst by Commissioner James Calkins. After refusing to stay on topic – which had been the focus of the first five hours of the meeting – Calkins was silenced by the gavel. Chairman Dave Piech put the meeting in recess until Calkins could control himself.

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Santa Rosa COVID cases double in one week

COVID-19 positivity rates are rising in Santa Rosa County, a trend that is also being seen statewide.

Last week saw 938 people vaccinated in Santa Rosa, up from 624 the week before.  But the number of new cases more than doubled in one week, rising from 219 to 441. The positivity rate jumped from 15% to 23.2% in the same time frame.

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